Sunday, October 3, 2010

     Hey y'all! Guess what?! Today's my birthday!!!!!!!!! So, I have a review of "You Again" (saw it yesterday) and I might be back later to give you the review of the Allison Iraheta CD. Until then, watch some more great videos and keep reading Independence Weekly! 
Thank you for reading!!!
- Cocoa Candlewood

Sunday, September 26, 2010

     Hey guys!!! So, I'm still going alone here. It's been hard, but I'm trying to get more writers. There's been thoughts that I should just join the school newspaper, but I love this too much to give it up. I'll try to get a few reviews and videos in today (Maybe a movie review for "You Again", in theaters now). I'll update again around     5-ish today, so check back tonight! As for now, I"m going to add a couple of video's for YOU, so check them out! Thank you for all of your patience and support! Love you guys!!
      -Cocoa Candlewood

PS here are two sites you have to check out!
Polyvore:  (I am Addicted_To_Adam)
Form Spring:  (I am CocoaCandlewood)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

     Wow! I'm so sorry guys! I haven't been able to update the site much recently due to the fact that we are all back to school, so I have staffing issues... As you can guess, I can't run this site by myself. My other main writer had about two activities a day, and has no time to type. My other writer has also been extremely busy, and that leaves me. So, I have decided to make a change- I am going to ask the two enriched homerooms at my school if they would be my staff! This means more articles, videos, and stories for YOU! And again, any submissions you could make are always a great help. So, thank you for being so patient with me, and, please, PLEASE keep checking Independence Weekly. I love you!
             -Cocoa Candlewood

Sunday, September 5, 2010

     OK, who else is stressing about the start of school??? Ahhh! You know, the last minute reading projects and math packets, late back-to-school shopping, the ceremony of the sharpening the first new #2 pencil (joke). Anyways, I feel the stress. It sucks. So, have you guys seen the Taylor Swift's new music video, "Mine"? Wow, it has the sweetness of all of Taylor's videos, but it's more grown-up (Thank God). By far her best song/video yet. The guy (played by Toby Hemingway) is way hot! So, yeah, just watch it. We've got a review of the "Mine" under Reviews > Music. We also have a few new videos, both interviews and music videos, so please enjoy those, and have a great first week of school!!!
            -Cocoa Candlewood

Sunday, August 29, 2010

     Hey all of you faithful readers! I am sorry to say that this week, Cocoa has been away enjoying her last bit of summer and had no internet access in her cabin. So she has put ME in charge of Independence Weekly this week. I will do my best to do this the way she does, but I am still learning. You can scroll over any of our columns and read what is there. Due to the fact that I am the lone person running the site this week, some of last week's articles remain open to you. I am focussing on writing articles to fill in last week's open spaces so that some day, they will all be filled. So if YOU have any ideas for articles or even wrote an article, please send it to me in the "Contact Me" area under Independence Weekly. If you have found an awesome You Tube video that fits under either of our two video columns, please send me the link. We are ALWAYS looking for more ways to keep YOU interested.

     Thank you for visiting us each week and we hope to continue reading your comments and looking at the information sent to us through our surveys.

Your Co-Editor,
          Kerry Amber

P.S. Please fill out our form in the "Contact Me" section if you have an idea. We LOVE to hear what you think!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hi!!! So, as I hope you've noticed, I have made many major changes to my website. In addition to many new articles, I have added new columns as well. I am writing this with my new co-editor, Kerry Amber. I have decided that I could not run this website all on my own, so I've asked a few close friends to help me write more articles to keep YOU interested. I need to ask you guys a favor, because I am not quite sure what american teenagers really want to hear about, so if you could send in any articles or article ideas you have, we will gladly take them into consideration. I hope you enjoy all of our new features and continue to read Independence Weekly.

Your editor,
   Cocoa Candlewood
Independence Weekly